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In addition to serving as the exclusive caterer at Empire Mills, Hallie Jane’s offers off-premise catering services throughout the southeast. Whether it’s weddings, intimate gatherings at your home, rehearsal dinners, or business meetings, Hallie Jane’s skillfully curates menus tailored to meet every occasion.

Embracing a farm-to-fork ethos, Hallie Jane’s crafts menus that celebrate the vibrant flavors of ingredients grown directly on our property. From sun-ripened heirloom tomatoes to herbs plucked from our garden’s soil, each dish tells a story of terroir and a commitment to culinary excellence.

Plate of fresh food including steak, pecan-crusted chicken breast, fingerling potatoes, and fresh vegetables.
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Fresh mojito drinks with mint and limes
Mini bread appetizers with avocado and other fresh garnishes
Tito's vodka bottle with two cocktails with fresh vegetables and other garnish on a wooden board.
Multicolored fresh carrots

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Woman picking from a fresh garden at Empire Mills in Madison, Georgia.


Hallie Jane Zimmerman, founder of Empire Mills and Hallie Jane's Catering

Meet the Founder

Fresh tomato bruschetta appetizer