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Wedding & Event Venue in Madison, GA

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Empire Mills is a state of mind as much as it is a loved destination for weddings, celebrations, and gatherings.

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We value the relationships we build through creating exceptional experiences. Our dedication to stewardship and guest satisfaction runs deep, as we strive to deliver events that stand in a league of their own. Our passion lies in ensuring that both you and your guests are treated to nothing short of the very best. 

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Conveniently located in Madison, Georgia, just a short drive from Atlanta, Empire Mills is ideal for your wedding weekends, celebrations and gatherings.

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Conveniently located in Historic Madison, Georgia, just a short drive from Atlanta, Empire Mills is the ideal location for your wedding weekends, celebrations, and gatherings. 

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Locals Guide

The venue sits on a spur from the Georgia railroad line between farmland and historic, Madison, Georgia. The Grounds include an original Blacksmith’s shed utilized today for bespoke gatherings, bourbon bars and photo shoots. All of the Venue spaces open up to outdoor courtyards for taking in views of stars and farmland.

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 We believe in creativity and connection and the remembering and building of traditions, yours and ours. Kith and Kin* are celebrated at Empire Mills.

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