In-house Catering

Before purchasing Empire Mills in 2012, the owner, Hallie Duan, had been managing her catering company, Hallie Jane’s Catering, for around 15 years. With a culinary background developed during years of dining in the New York metropolitan area and traveling abroad, Hallie fell in love with foods from all corners of the globe, and in turn, incorporated all cuisines into her menus. Due to catering a multitude of events, Hallie understands the amount of work that goes into event planning. She understand how you want your event to be special and unique, while also reflecting your ideas and your vision, which is why we offer a unique dining experience to ensure that this is also reflected in the menu.

Our kitchen team and event managers work together to make sure your day runs as smooth as possible. With our very own satellite kitchen in the banquet hall, we can assure you our event managers know the way around the venue as well as the kitchen, and can execute the food display and flow flawlessly. Having HJC on the same property as Empire Mills also ensures that the food comes out hot and fresh for your guests. We are more than happy to accommodate any food allergens you or your guests might have.

To see some of our sample menus, feel free to visit the Hallie Jane’s Catering website. Empire Mills will soon have it’s own sample menus to choose from to make your event planning that much more effortless.