The Groom’s Lounge

The Groom’s Lounge is located at the very end of the banquet hall, separated from the main room by the Savannah room and Caldwell room. It has an upstairs complete with a flatscreen television and a leather couch so the groom and his groomsmen can relax! The downstairs of the groom’s lounge has multiple seating areas as well as a complimentary Coca-Cola refrigerator and Keurig with accompanying coffee pods. 

Bottom of GroomLoft area of groomdetails of groomtelevision in groomgroomsmen in groomgetting ready in groomaerial shot of groomgroom in groomgetting ready in groom

Photos by Hannah Michelle (4-6), Brandy Angel  (3), Claire Diana, (7,9), &  Casey Yoshida (8)